Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's a boy! (Help!)

It's a boy! My Sockapaloooza 4 pal, that is! This is a challenge for me. Not because I worry about knitting for big feet (mine are plenty big, I'm used to it), nor because I have not knit socks for men before (husband and brother in law among them), but because I feel like sockapaloooza socks should be interesting, different, not your basic 2x2 rib, anyway! Any ideas for good, interesting patterns that a man would like (any other guy sock pals out there)? I am also in the process of deciding about yarn--he likes his yarns natural but not muted; I'm thinking of either "petroglyph" or "gendarme" from Lisa Souza's sock colors; any votes? The great thing about this is it gives me an excuse, I mean good reason, to buy some more sock yarn for this project instead of just raiding my abundant, yet very girly stash! Hope to hear from you all soon!