Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dying to knit

Well, here's all the stuff for dye-o-rama! I got some great instructions from Knitty, (by the very cool Kristi Porter) and I have plenty of yarn (in case I mess up a batch!). I have A LOT of orange cool aid. I realize this is because I have an orange haired daughter, and so have a thing about orange--which I realize might not be shared by by my swap pal--so I will tone thist first batch down a bit. I'm undecided about whether to try hand painting or striping, or just see what happens (which is often what I do in life, and as I know, not always the best choice, though never a boring one!) I'm hoping for time on Memorial Day weekend to jump right in (so to speak....). And this week I'll get out the markers and color wheel and see what could unfold. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hats off (or on, that is!)

Just finished this hat--made after ripping out two different sock patterns made with this Plymouth Sockotta yarn (which is a cotton/superwash wool)blend and very nice to knit with). I just decided it was not destined to be socks, and when my daughter pointed out these were her favorite colors (yes, she has three, orange, green and pink!), I knew I should do something for her. Inspired by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's ode to hat making in Knitting Rules, (after all, she says, you just have to make ONE hat,); I just jumped in and did it, following her basic guidelines. I had made a few hats last winter, with nice chunky yarn, starting on 16" circulars and switching to DPN's for the crown. This time, I used magic loop, with 2.75 mm needles. I cast on 128 stitches, and just kept going, around and around and around (and some more!). I did crown decreases all the way down to 4 stitches, and then did a 6" i cord and tied it in a few knots to finish off the top. The rolled brim is very stretchy, which my daughter likes. Now, if it weren't 80 degrees outside, she could wear it more. My husband, though, said she look like askateboard dude in it, which means the weather doesn't matter--hence the BIG smile. (She is saying "yabba dabba doo", in case you wondered!--you know why!) And so am I, one hat done, no more to go. Now, back to those socks! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Of socks and purses and computer crashes....

Here's the completed purse that I was able to give to one of my "baby" sisters up in Charlotte Sunday. It's a berroco pattern (see my last post), but I used some Lion Brand Incredible that I had in my stash, and got the adorable bangles at good old Target, so it was a cost -effective eneavor! Very quick and easy too. In the meantime, my computer system crashed, and I am waiting for a friend of a friend to come back in town to see if he can retrieve any of my unbacked up data (including my pictures, knitting patterns and itunes, woe is me), as the cost of a professional service doing it is absolutely insane. (Yes, this is all my own fault!). This makes it hard to blog too, as my other home computer, an old lap top, won't read my card reader.....I've also made and frogged an almost complete sock, and have now started a hat with the yarn. The sock was a great lesson for me....I didn't like the way it was turning out from the start (I tried using bigger needles, thinking a looser gauge would be better for summer socks, but they just felt too thin to me, and the ribbing didn't look right with the seld patterning yarn, and on and on. I decided to stop because I realized that while I might force myself to finish one of these socks I didn't like, I was never going to be able to make myself knit a second one! Since I was reading about making hats in Stephanie Pearl McPhee's latest book, Knitting Rules, I rewound the yarn and started a little fairisle hat. I'll post a picture of progress as soon as I can get to the right kind of compuer again. And now, back to my Cascading Leaves Sock, from the Townsend Knit A Long yahoo group. They are slow going so far, too, but once I get the pattern repeat down, I know it will get easier! (Knitting is so much like life)! Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 05, 2006

How green are my feet?

Just finished these, using the new Hedera pattern by Cookie, published in Knitty. I was totally intimidated by the lace pattern when I started, so I made them anklets, but once I got down the instep of the first one I had it down, and realized I could have done a full cuff. But that's okay, because I like them as anklets. The pattern was very thorough and really well written, which I really appreciate. And I made them in a cotton/wool yarn (Fortissima Cotton/Schoeller + Stahl--the rest is in German!) I found in my stash (amazing) and used just over one skein--so the whole project was a real win win! And the little girl holding them up is my dear, dear six-year-old, who puts up with all my knitting (she's learned to cuddle around it) and has even learned to knit herself (yes, I'm proud, as you know!). Now I need to take a tiny sock break (help!!!) and make this cute little ribbon "Mita" yarn purse by Berroco that The Knitting Zone newsletter found for me. Thanks! It will be a giftie for my sister who I visit Sunday.

I'm so excited (I just can't hide it)

They're here! MY sockapaloooza socks arrived today, from Megan in Ohio, and she was sweet enough to send some adorable little knitting sheep notes and a lovely note. I'm sure lots of you knitters have the same experience I do -- I knit for a lot of people, but nobody knits for me (obviously, I need to meet more knitters!) The socks are beautifully knit and fit perfectly. It's the "Falling Leaves" pattern from Knitty--so pretty. And the heel is done to perfection (I have kind of a thing about heels!). I am hitting the road this weekend for a trip to my sister's in North Carolina, and plan to wear these oh-so proudly. Thank you again, Megan, and thanks Alison, for organizing us all! Can I say it one more time??? I'm so excited!Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 01, 2006

Make new friends

Well, not content to wait for another sock exchange, I joined "dyeorama," and got my "swap buddy" today. I also joined Knit the Classics this weekend, and have subscribed to the almost-brand-new Craftlit to listen to the May book, Pride & Prejudice. Not sure I can handle making a feather & fan shawl, but I do have some beautiful lace weight, and I also have some Knitpicks dye-your own..... So off we go! And yes, I was a girl scout.....for a long time.....And my favorite colors, should my dying swap buddy read this, are orange and green, and red.....and yellow (well, okay, pretty much anything bringht, but especially orange and green). Soooo...I'm off to listen, and knit, and pick colors!

Oh, Canada!

Here come the socks! Here are my sockapaloooza socks, ready to be wrapped and sent to my sock pal, Alynda in Victoria, British Columbia. I printed out a postcard of our "home town," and my 6 year old wrote a very sweet (0f course) note to go with them. I hope my sock pal likes them, I hope they fit, I can't wait for them to arrive! This was my "first" knit exchange, and it was a lot of fun for me; though a bit intimidating to be knitting for someone who might be a real expert! And a big thanks to Alison of the Blue Blog and her "sock sisters" for coordinating all this! Maybe we should put some knitters in charge of world peace!