Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Done (in)!

They are done! My Sockapaloooza socks are done! You have no idea how amazing this is: not because plenty of other sock pals have not already finished their socks, not because this pattern was woefully complicated, not even because this is the 2nd and 3rd sets of yarn I have started these socks in.....It is amazing, because I am, well, a procrastinator from way back. I stayed up all night finishing papers not just in college and graduate school but in high school. I finish the cookies for class snack at 2 am the night before. I pull almost-all-nighters before a major presentation (still!). Okay, I did pull several almost all nighters to finish these, but hey, there is almost a month to go before the deadline. What can this mean? Could it mean a sea change in my life of adrenaline- fed high production marathons, could it mean less hysteria as a deadline approaches? Could it mean fewer fedex fees for last minute birthday gifts???? Well, I will not get my hopes up too high on this.....lets just hope for a little more sleep! (And for those who want to know, the yarn is Lorna's Laces, "Daffodil" for the variegated and "Lime" for the almost solid.....and they should fit....now to start gathering the packaging materials and some southern goodies for my very northern (aka Canadian), sock pal!). (And not to be left out, the pattern is the Old Shale Two Color Sock Pattern, by Marguerite, at Stitches of Violet, a great pattern and a very helpful designer!)